Dear Tuckshop Volunteer,

The Sydney Grammar School St Ives Prep Parents' Association and the Tuckshop rely on Mums, Dads, Grandparents and other carers generously volunteering their time. So, thank-you for offering yours to help support our community.

Please complete this form to let us know what days of the week you are available to assist at Tuckshop, and what frequency you feel you can attend. Most people help out twice a term, but whatever you can manage will be great. After submitting, you will receive a message confirming what days and frequency you have opted for. To keep our records current, we ask volunteers to update their availability at the end of each year. If your availability changes in the meantime, do contact the Tuckshop Coordinator directly.

If you are having trouble with the signup system please contact the PA Secretary, Kat Negus, secretary@sgssipspa.com.
For any queries relating to volunteering at Tuckshop, please contact the Tuckshop Coordinator, Nat Snyman, tuckshop@sgssipspa.com 

Thank you.

SGS St Ives Prep PA Tuckshop Coordinator
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E.g. Philip Dunn 2, Joshua Dunn K
Select Yes if you have not previously helped in Tuckshop.
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Most people volunteer twice per term, but please choose whatever frequency works for you
Please enter the frequency of volunteering you would like to do, eg once per week, or once per year
Eg.Let us know if there is anyone you would like to be rostered with. We do our best to accommodate requests but they cannot be guaranteed.
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